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A Note About Coronavirus & Our Availability - Writer's Block Coffee

A Note About Coronavirus & Our Availability

From Ben Sobieck, president of Writer's Block Coffee®

Since the impact of coronavirus is disrupting global supply chains, I've received several inquiries from subscribers and fans of Writer's Block Coffee about the availability of our coffee. It's no wonder. Like you, I've also seen pictures on social media and in the news of bare shelves at grocery stores and elsewhere. I've seen it in person, too.

So where does that leave Writer's Block Coffee?

Here's what you need to know:

* No, I'm not raising prices. Subscribers will continue to receive coffee regularly.

* Right now, there is no interruption of Writer's Block Coffee's supply chain. I have no reason to believe this will change. That isn't to say it couldn't, because there's always that chance, but I have zero evidence at present that our customers will go without.

* Green (unroasted) coffee, like many commodities, is imported into the United States in tremendous amounts and warehoused. Coffee's popularity makes it more resilient to supply challenges for this reason.

* Transporting coffee from those warehouses to other distribution points (like grocery stores) may well be impacted as the virus spreads. That's to say nothing of the situation at the grocery stores themselves. In some places in Europe, there already are limits on the number of shoppers who can be inside a grocery store at any given time.

* However, more nimble operations, such as Writer's Block Coffee, are in a better position to get coffee to customers because of how fewer steps are between the roaster and the customer. Fewer hands touch our coffee before it reaches you, compared to the coffee offered at larger online operations, grocery stores and coffee shops.

* This also means you don't need to leave home to get coffee. Order it online from Writer's Block Coffee and you'll avoid the crowds.

This is all to say that Writer's Block Coffee remains ready to make it as easy as possible to receive coffee on your doorstep. You can remain in the comfort and safety of your own home, enjoy a cup of coffee and crank out that word count.

Because if there's anything good that comes from staying at home during this uncertain time, it's finally writing "The End" on that manuscript.

As always, I wish you and your loved ones the best. Be well, and keep writing!


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