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2-In-1 coffee scoop bag clip

New: 2-in-1 Coffee Scoop Clip

Coffee Scoop and Bag Clip for Coffee

The best way to enjoy Writer's Block Coffee® is when the roasted-to-order coffee beans are still fresh. That's why this new coffee scoop clip is such an essential.

The clip bites into the bag like an alligator, providing an extra layer of protection against air and moisture. This locks in flavor, ensuring your cup of Writer's Block Coffee® tastes as fresh as the day you opened it.

Coffee clip measuring scoop


Even better, the clip comes with a one-tablespoon scoop for easy measurement. As any barista might tell you, two tablespoons of coffee per six ounces of water is a good ratio.

You're going to invest hundreds of hours into your writing projects. You deserve an excellent cup of coffee by your side. This convenient coffee scoop clip is the perfect way to keep the coffee fresh and the word count high.

Multifunction Coffee Scoop with Clip