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How to Sell Books: Personalized Coffee

NEW: Personalized Coffee for Book Promotion

How to sell books with personalized coffee

We have the coffee. All you need is your creativity.

Writer's Block Coffee® is essential to writers, editors, publishers, and creatives for powering through their projects. However, there's a piece missing in that equation, and it's a big one. How does coffee support writers after a project is complete?

After months of work, we've come up with the answer.

Starting now, you can design a personalized label and upload it to our website. We'll put that label onto our bags of roasted-to-order coffee and send them to you.

This is the perfect marketing opportunity. Make a design that promotes you as a writer, a new book release, an event, and more.

We've sold thousands of bags of coffee in this way to publishers, writers, podcasts, mom-and-pop businesses, and even a dog training company.

Now that we've got the process down, we can offer this service to you.

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How Do Writers Use Personalized Coffee?

Here are a few ideas.
  • Send coffee to readers who pre-ordered the book to enjoy before the release
  • Hand out coffee at writing events as a unique "business card"
  • Sell book-coffee bundles on your website (or your publisher's website)
  • Use your personalized coffee as Patreon rewards
  • Reward loyal readers with something fun between book releases
  • Hand out your personalized coffee at a book launch
  • Anything else your imagination can come up with!

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