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Different kinds of coffee

"Why Don't You Offer a Dark Roast?"

It's tempting for new coffee brands (Writer's Block Coffee® just had its first anniversary) to stick their labels on as many kinds of coffee as possible. We're not other coffee brands.

We offer only one kind of coffee. For right now, it's going to stay at one.

Why? The Short Answer

The short answer is we haven't found other coffees that meet our requirements yet.

The Five Core Requirements

Any addition to our coffee lineup must meet five core requirements that reflect Writer's Block Coffee's central values:

1) Single origin: No blends here. Coffee comes from one country, from one source, from one farm for maximum quality control and consistency.

2) Natural process: After harvest, coffee cherries are dried in the sun before the fruit is sorted by hand and hulled off. This not only yields an incredibly smooth yet complex cup of coffee, it conserves large volumes of water used in "wet process" coffees. Most commercial coffees are wet process, exacerbating water scarcity and access issues.

Environmental conditions must be perfect for natural process coffee to dry correctly. This level of precision demands extreme attention to detail, further limiting sourcing options.

3) Specialty grade: Coffee is scored on an industry-standard scale that goes to 100. A specialty-grade coffee will score in the 80s or higher. A new Writer's Block Coffee should score in the mid-80s, which is the perfect balance of exceptional quality and price.

4) Availability: Year-round coffee drinkers need coffee that's available all year.

5) Taste: If it doesn't pass the taste test, it doesn't get added. There are no "blind adds."

Only One Coffee (So Far) Is Good Enough to be Called Writer's Block Coffee®

To date, we've found only one coffee that meets all five requirements. It's so good, we built Writer's Block Coffee around that single coffee.

After the latest round of sampling, it looks like it's going to stay that way.

It's not that we're being unreasonable, or that there aren't other great coffees out there. Those five requirements are hard to meet. That's the point.

The Good News: Limited-Edition Coffees

Coffees that come close to meeting the five requirements will still find their way to you for limited amounts of time. Newsletter subscribers get the first chance at these limited-edition coffees as they become available.

Limited means limited. Demand for these coffees outstrip supply, and the harvests are only so big.

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Writer's Block Coffee®: Proudly Offering Only One Kind of Coffee Since 2018

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