Deadline Dark Roast

Dark roast coffee gifts for writers

Deadline Dark Roast


Go Dark to Hit That Deadline

This dark roast is full of body and flavor, perfect for those who prefer a little noir in their cup. Taste testers gave it the thumbs up for its balance, too. Not too acidic. Not too light. Perfect for breakfast or at 2 a.m.

Like the rewrites you've been putting off, making Deadline Dark Roast come together is no easy feat. Six specialty-grade coffees from around the world join forces like characters on an epic quest. Each brings something different, but all work together as one. Expert editing and roasting keeps the flavor tight.

A Secret Ingredient

Many stories contain secret details only the author knows, and this coffee is no different. When you're working against the clock to meet a deadline on a dark and stormy night, a little extra caffeine can come in handy.

That's why one of those six coffee beans is an organic Robusta. Robustas contain roughly twice the amount of caffeine per bean compared to the ubiquitous Arabicas.

The extra kick isn't enough to have to hallucinating ghostly muses or Martian visitors, but it should provide you with a little boost to get you over the hump.

Yes, this gives away the secret, but sometimes you have to tell instead of show. 

    The Synopsis

    • Made from the top 5% of coffee beans on Earth (specialty grade)
    • A carefully curated blend of six coffees
    • Roasted to order
    • Dark roast
    • Flavor notes: dark chocolate, brownie
    • 100% coffee
    • Farm direct
    • 5% of profits benefit literacy non-profit

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