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"Writer's block," a seemingly insurmountable lull in the creative process, can take place for several reasons. A writer could be burned out, exhausted or just plain stuck. Here are seven tips for overcoming writer's block (besides a great cup of coffee).

Don't Worry About Being Perfect

Perfectionism is paralyzing, and it can be the underlying cause of writer's block. Words on paper are better than a blank page. You don't need to be perfect. Forward motion is good enough.

Skip It

Is it a particular part of the writing project that's giving you trouble? Skip it. Move on to something that feels more concrete, or work on an entirely different project. The act of writing anything at all often yields more writing.

Have a Deadline? Avoid the Clock

Deadlines are great motivators, but they can also direct attention to the clock instead of creating content. That can shut your writing process down. It might seem counterintuitive, but try not focusing on the deadline itself. Set a timer to go off at a certain time/date and forget all about the clock or the calendar.

Take a Walk

Light exercise is a great way to get the blood pumping and to put your mind at ease. A refreshing walk around the block can be just the trick.

Consider Whether Something Else is Going On

Is something else occupying your thoughts or bothering you? Taking care of that other thing could be the key to unlocking writer's block.

Write for Yourself

Writers sometimes compare themselves to other writers. That's a dead end. Write what you would want to read anyway.

Write in Comic Sans

It sounds strange, but changing the font to something less serious is a trick that some writers swear by. It changes the tone of the working environment, letting your mind untether itself from constraints.

If all else fails, try coffee!

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