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Personalized Coffee for Book Promotion, Patreon Rewards, Coffee Gifts & More

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Personalized Coffee for Book Promotion, Patreon Rewards, Coffee Gifts & More


Sell Books With This Unique Book Promotion Idea: Personalized Coffee!

10-Order Minimum Required

It's hard enough learning how to write a book, but it's a whole other story when it comes time to sell books. That's where Writer's Block Coffee® can help with its private label coffee (no minimums!) program. Design a label using the steps below, and we'll send you personalized coffee to use for book promotion.

The coffee is the exact same kind (top 5% of coffee beans in the world) that put Writer's Block Coffee on the map. The only difference is that you'd be using your personalized label on our coffee.

    How It Works: Read This Before You Order

    Creating your personalized coffee is fun and easy. Be sure to read all the directions first before you start.

    1) Choose the number of bags of coffee, the size of the bags, and the grind from the options at the top of the page. We recommend either the 4 oz. or 12 oz. sizes in drip grind, but it's completely up to you.

    2) Download a design template. Click below to save a design template to your computer, based on the size you selected.

    3) Design your label. Add words and images to the template you downloaded to create your label (we recommend using the free Canva service if you don't have design software).

    There are some words pre-written into the bottom of the template. Those should be kept. You're free to change their colors and fonts to work them into your design, though.

    4) Upload your label. Use the Upload button at the top of this page to send us your design. Add your order to the cart and pay at checkout. You'll receive your personalized coffee in about 1.5 weeks.

    Questions? Contact us here.

    Ideas: How To Sell Books With Personalized Coffee

    • Send coffee to readers who pre-ordered the book to enjoy before the release
    • Hand out coffee at writing events as a unique "business card"
    • Sell book-coffee bundles on your website (or your publisher's website)
    • Use your personalized coffee as Patreon rewards
    • Reward loyal readers with something fun between book releases
    • Hand out your personalized coffee at a book launch
    • Anything else your imagination can come up with!

    More Than Just Books: More Ideas To Use Personalized Coffee

    You're not limited to only books! Let your imagination fly. Here are more ways to use personalized coffee.
    • Unique gifts for writers
    • Business promotion
    • Wedding favors
    • Office gifts
    • Patreon reward ideas
    • Birthday gifts 

    Need To Place A Large Or Special Order?

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