Deadline Dark Roast

$14.97 $29.99 saving $15.02
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Deadline Dark Roast

$14.97 $29.99 saving $15.02

Sold at Cost! Free U.S. Shipping!

And the Coffee is Actually Good!

In fact, it's better than good. This is Deadline Dark from Writer's Block Coffee, and you are seconds away from ordering the best-kept secret on the internet.


  • Roasted to order: We only roast your beans after you place an order. The beans rest only long enough to cool before they're shipped. Yeah, we're pretty impressed we can pull that off, too.
  • A dark secret: Crafted from six varieties of coffee beans for a deep, rich flavor. Includes a secret ingredient.
  • Specialty grade: Each of the six varieties is specialty grade, meaning they're in the top 5% of all coffee beans in terms of quality. We don't hide low-grade beans in here like the big brands.
  • Farm direct: Each variety of coffee bean comes from its own farm. That means better quality control. No bad batches finding their way into your cup! 
  • No additives: Our coffee speaks for itself. We have nothing to hide.
  • Secret Ingredient: A Jolt from Robusta

    Love us or hate us, we bare it all. The secret ingredient in Deadline Dark is robusta coffee beans. Robustas contain roughly twice the amount of caffeine per bean compared to the more common Arabicas.

    That's coffee nerd for, "You get more caffeine."