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Book publishing revenue ideas

The mission of Writer's Block Coffee® is to be the coffee solution for the publishing industry.

It does this in three ways:

* Supplying writers and those working inside the publishing industry with the finest coffee
* Providing revenue opportunities to publishers and other businesses through coffee products
* Supporting book marketing efforts with custom-labeled coffee

    Writer's Block Coffee® bridges a gap between the coffee and publishing industries. Coffee shops are great for hosting writing and reading activities, but their service stops at the door. That's where Writer's Block Coffee® starts. By offering coffee for every stage of a book's life, from the writing to the marketing, Writer's Block Coffee® reimagines the role of coffee as a partner, not just an accessory.

    Benjamin Sobieck founded Writer's Block Coffee® in 2018, coming from a background of more than a decade in the publishing industry. His writing credentials include the following: 

    * Twelve years as an editor and product manager for a large publisher
    * Two books published with Penguin Random House (The Writer's Guide to Wattpad and The Writer's Guide to Weapons)
    * A Wattpad Star with 2 million reads and several branded stories for movie studios, television, and major publications
    * A popular blog at CrimeFictionBook.com
    * A wilderness survival book from this renowned outdoors publisher
    * The creator of The Writer's Glove®, a type of glove that covers the entire hand while writing at a keyboard
    * Various works of independently-published fiction
    * Speaking engagements at writing conferences
    * Just about any odd job in the publishing industry you can imagine

      This experience informs every step Writer's Block Coffee® takes, from the taste of the coffee to the shape of the partnerships.

      Questions? Get in touch here.