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Stop Getting Ripped Off: Try These Coffee Beans to Make Cold Brew at Home

Best cheap beans for cold brew coffee

Iced Drinks at Big Coffee Chains are Mostly Ice, but You Already Knew That

Did you know? Cold drinks represent 75% of all sales at Starbucks. Here's the link to the proof.

Surprised? Maybe you shouldn't be. There's a reason big coffee chains like Starbucks push their iced drinks so hard. You already know the answer.

Yes. The iced drinks are mostly ice.

What a deal! But not for you. 

Ice is cheap compared to everything else that goes into that drink order. That looks good on a corporate P&L.

Now, I'm not about to disparage drive-through coffee lanes and quick-service baristas. Hell, I married one (the barista, not the drive-through lane).

You already know you're not getting a good deal when you go to Starbucks and the rest, and you're OK with that.

That's fine. I'm not here to tell you to stop going out for coffee, or to quit the avocado toast, or to throw your iPhone in the ocean, or to give up the only sliver of happiness in your life that some born-on-third-base financial guru says is why you're always broke.

However, if you're ready to push back on price gouging the Writer's Block Coffee way, I've got something for you.

Our Deadline Dark Coffee Makes Amazing Cold Brew

Deadline Dark is one of the most versatile, specialty-grade, roast-to-order coffees you can get your hands on. That's not an opinion. That's a fact, according to me.

No matter how you make it--hot or cold--you're going to get an incredible cup of coffee.

That we're selling Deadline Dark at cost should be criminal, but I can't see me sending myself to jail. Not yet, anyway.

Deadline Dark turns out phenomenal cold brew in all the best ways:

  • French press in the fridge (my personal favorite)
  • A dedicated cold brew maker
  • The mason jar/pour over combo trick
  • The "just stick some regularly brewed coffee in the fridge overnight" method
  • A sock full of grounds inside a plastic bag full of water and iodine tablets inside a solar-powered cooler (useful for post-apocalyptic scenarios)
  • Many more

Remember, "cold brew coffee" is a process, not a specific variety of coffee. It's all about finding what you enjoy.

The Best Beans for Cold Brew Coffee You've Ever Tasted at the Best Price

I kid around because I love coffee, but it's time to get serious.

Deadline Dark is always roasted to order, is always specialty grade, and always sold at cost with free U.S. shipping.

If this sounds good to you (how could it not?), just click that big, beautiful button below.


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