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The (New) Writer's Block Coffee Manifesto

A Proclamation 

Whereas, a superb cup of coffee is one of life's great pleasures,

Whereas, everyone should get to experience fresh, specialty-grade, roast-to-order coffee,

Whereas, everyday people are getting screwed just about everywhere,

Now, therefore, let Writer's Block Coffee be sold at cost with free U.S. shipping.

So mote it be.



THE SHORT VERSION: For People Who Don't Like to Read Much, but Do Like Red Font

Writer's Block Coffee is...

1) ...now making zero dollars in profit on every sale of coffee.

2) ...shipping free anywhere in the United States.

2) ...accepting tips.

3) ...releasing new coffees when the tip goal is met.

4) ...not changing a damn thing about the superb quality of the coffee beans it sells.

7) ...learning how to count more better.

THE LONG VERSION: For People Who Like to Read in Dramatic Voiceovers


It's time for a change.

Writer's Block Coffee needs a refresh.

There's no point in going over the reasons why.

There is a catalyst, though.

Everything is getting more expensive. People work harder for less.

It's not about politics. It's not about your boss. It's about real life.

People work jobs they hate so they can pay too much for things that aren't as good as they used to be.

They daydream about hitting it big. Winning the lottery. Inheriting millions from some long-lost relative. Writing the next great American novel. Whatever.

And when something "new and improved" does come along, the only innovation is that it makes some rich asshole richer while leaving you holding the bag.

That's because "growth at all costs" is the dominant business philosophy of 2024, customer be damned.

You're living in their world. You see it every day.

Make the stock price go up. Hype up blockchain, AI, Web 3.0, the metaverse, whatever the latest buzzwords are, so that people rush to unload their wallets. Return value for shareholders. Repeat.

Writer's Block Coffee cannot fix this.

Writer's Block Coffee is not your boss.

Writer's Block Coffee is not the stock market. Or artificial intelligence. Or blockchain. Or the metaverse.

Writer's Block Coffee is just an online, roast-to-order coffee company.

But maybe that's where the change starts.

What happened to companies that did things because they benefitted customers first?

What happened to companies that made great things available to more people?

What happened to not settling for less just because we've been told that's what we deserve?

It's time to get back to basics.

It's time to push back against the prevailing winds.

It's time to do things right.

And that starts with what anything starts with: a cup of coffee.

Not just any cup of coffee.

A cup of coffee that used to only be accessible at premium price points.

Roasted-to-order. Natural process. Farm direct. Specialty grade. Buzzwords that actually mean something, and that you can taste.

An incredible taste.

Writer's Block Coffee will bring that experience to anyone who wants it, at cost.

That's right.

Writer's Block Coffee now makes no profit on the coffee it sells.

You pay for COGS (cost of goods sold) and payment processing. This isn't a trick. We'll prove it if you ask.

It gets better.

We'll ship it right to your door for free in the United States.

Because this isn't just about coffee anymore.

This is about bucking the trend.

It's about starting something.

Or maybe finishing it.

You decide.

Join us.




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