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Headlines Show What Greedflation Looks Like

Headlines Show What Greedflation Looks Like

The entire mission of Writer's Block Coffee is to push back against "greedflation" (where companies use inflation as cover to raise prices even higher than they normally would) and other unsustainable business practices that gouge consumers.

We're tired of consumers (including us) getting squeezed for dubious or scandalous reasons.

Our nifty video above flashes some headline examples quickly, but let's slow down. Here's the original graphic that we used for a Kickstarter campaign that Kickstarter ultimately shut down.

What is greedflation


Oh, yeah, that Kickstarter campaign getting shut down? Eh, it wasn't all that nefarious. They just wanted a brand new coffee product. Not sure that's happened in centuries, but you do you, Kickstarter.

It sounded like a conspiracy theory there for a minute, didn't it?

Unfortunately, greedflation isn't a conspiracy. You're paying more for less, and raw inflation isn't always to blame.

It's going to get worse, too. "Dynamic pricing" is up next, as of this writing. That's where companies adjust prices throughout the day. They're not doing it to save you money, either.

Let's Get Nerdy for a Moment

Writer's Block Coffee also offers an alternative to traditional pricing structures, but it's more favorable to customers.

The standard model is where customers are offered a binary choice. They can either buy or not buy.

Our business model allows for the flexibility demanded by a modern, internet-anchored economy. Consumers have a say in the price at the point of purchase and at the individual level rather than waiting for demand to work en masse against upward pricing pressure from the supply side.

This allows customers to express themselves in real-time about any number of factors: price, the behavior of a CEO, the wider responsibility of a company, the quality of the product, etc.

Like it or not, this is how customers view their purchasing power in 2024: as an extension of their identity.

And, like it or not, this is also how companies are already using artificial intelligence to adjust pricing in real time. Get ready for "dynamic pricing" that favors their bottom line, not yours.

Writer's Block Coffee gets ahead of the trend and models a way for customers to pull a little dynamic pricing themselves. 

TLDR: You're getting a good deal on great coffee!



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